Onshore Power Supply, commonly known as OPS, is the connection of ships berthed in port to the local electricity grid. OPS allows the shutdown of onboard generators which reduces the impacts caused by their use, such as the emission of pollutants, noise or vibrations.

The main objective of OPS has traditionally been to improve air quality in the port environment by reducing pollution from ships, such as NOx, SOx, PM and other substances associated with onboard combustion processes. The technology also allows for a reduction of greenhouse gases emitted by ships during their stay in port, which in turn requires that the electricity supplied comes from renewable sources. It is a technology with great potential for achieving decarbonisation in ports that will be deployed in a very significant way in the European Union in the coming years.



Follow-up of the Regulation / Safety standards and rules

Ship OPS-ready statistics

Map of ports and terminals with OPS facilities in Spain

Network capacity: possible solutions

Electricity price in port

Exemptions or incentive mechanisms

Business model

Meetings with legislators

Workshops on existing technological solutions by type of vessel

Seminars on regulatory framework

Seminars on financing mechanisms for OPS projects in port and ship retrofits

Debate on supply to ferries: low vs. medium voltage, pros and cons for shipping lines and terminals

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Guillermo Amann


Industrial Engineer and Doctor in Electrical Power Systems.

He has spent practically his entire professional career at Ormazabal, a company belonging to the Spanish family-owned industrial group Velatia. He currently holds the position of Deputy to the CEO, being responsible for institutional and sectorial relations and collaborating in the strategic development of the business.

He is Chairman of AFBEL (Asociación Nacional de Fabricantes de Bienes de Equipo Eléctrico) and Vice-Chairman of its European counterpart T&D EUROPE. He is also Vice-Chairman of AEDIVE (Spanish Association for the Development and Promotion of Electric Mobility).

He currently acts as spokesperson for the Spanish Forum for Electrification and is a member of the High Level Clean Energy Industrial Forum, a consultative body of the European Commission.

Raul Gil Cazorla

Raúl Gil Cazorla


My professional life has been linked to ABB almost from the very beginning. Always linked to the commercial-technical area. For several years I worked in the Marketing department as product manager, unifying the needs of the market with the possibilities of the products we manufacture. After this technical experience, I developed commercial functions at national level. In the last 4 years I have been focused on the Marine and Ports market within ABB, providing electrification and automation solutions to the national market.