Alianza Net-Zero MAR

The new EU regulatory framework through programmes such as Fit for 55, in the context of the European Green Pact and the European Climate Act, or the Climate Change and Energy Transition Act favors the commitment to the green economy as a crucial vector for industrial development and job creation as an alternative for recovery and modernity in Europe.

In November 2021 the Net-Zero MAR Alliance is born, a non-profit collaborative platform that aims to promote the decarbonization and electrification of the maritime sector in Spain and that will be available to all actors, companies, institutions and the rest of stakeholders that want to join forces to reduce polluting emissions generated by infrastructures and maritime transport.

The objective of Net-Zero MAR is to place the Spanish maritime industry as a leader in the reduction of emissions in maritime port environments and the use of alternative technologies to achieve these objectives.

The aim is to establish a continuous dialogue between all stakeholders in the sector and with official bodies, as well as to tackle specific projects and commit to the research, development and innovation that will underpin this transformation.

The Alliance


Accelerate the decarbonization of maritime transport and Spanish ports, in line with the Fit for 55 regulatory package and the IMO’s Decarbonisation Strategy.


Supporting members of the Alianza to accelerate the decarbonisation of maritime transport and Spanish ports, ensuring compliance with European and international regulations, maximising the competitiveness of services and infrastructure and positioning members as technology drivers and pioneers in decarbonisation in Europe.

Objetives of the Alianza Net-Zero Mar

Exchange platform

To be the reference platform for the maritime-port sector in the field of decarbonisation, organising communication and training activities, working groups on specific topics, exchange of studies and publications of interest, etc.

Supportive opinión

Fostering a favourable state of opinion in official bodies, administrations and public opinion, which recognises the decarbonisation efforts of the Spanish maritime-port sector.

Regulatory Framework

Ask for homogeneous criteria in the legislative framework, in terms of safety, development of fiscal and financial structures or aid to accelerate the decarbonisation of maritime transport and ports.

Statistics and updated information

To become the reference source for obtaining up-to-date information on initiatives and the degree of development of decarbonisation projects in the maritime-port sector.

General Secretariat


Aurelio Lázaro

Expert in energy transition, alternative fuels and integration of renewables in energy networks

Eva Pérez

Director of Promotion of Innovation and Environmental Sustainability

Jorge Lara

Expert in Coordination and Management of Technology Platforms