Working group created to define a general roadmap that can serve as a basis for the definition of a decarbonisation strategy for companies in the maritime-port sector. Methodological issues for the definition of the strategy, as well as technological, regulatory and economic-financial aspects linked to planning for the decarbonisation of the sector are addressed.


Emission sources in ports

Technologies for decarbonisation in ports and maritime transport

Prioritisation of projects based on those that would maximise emission reductions

Methodology for developing net zero emission plans

Business models

Incentives, penalties, necessary regulation

Development of common industry standards

Meetings with legislators

Workshops on solutions or best practices at European/global level

Seminars on regulatory framework

Workshops on funding mechanisms

Working groups to write a necessary roadmap for the sector


María Merino


She began her professional career at the Huelva Shipyard in 2005, collaborating in the technical offices, in 2006 she continued at Altum in the technical office, collaborating in the drafting and calculations of naval engineering projects, and finally in 2007 she joined the company Ghenova Ingeniería, working as director of international projects, R+D+i projects, as well as account manager for Chantier de L’Atlantique. At the same time, she developed a more commercial facet oriented towards ports, particularly in the fields of alternative energies, decarbonisation and OPS projects.

Pablo Campos


He began his professional career in Astilleros de Santander in 2013, where he worked for 3 years on ship transformation projects, while he completed his undergraduate studies and a master’s degree at the ETSI Navales of the UPM, where he participated in CEHINAV innovation projects.

Also in 2013 he founded the non-profit association Olas Sin Barreras, with the sea as an enabler for fun and transversal education for young people.

In 2018 he joined the G.Junquera Marítima group as Head of Innovation and New Business Development, a position from which he promotes businesses related to leisure yachting, energy efficiency, renewable energies and sustainable mobility, founding

He currently holds the position of COO in the group with a high involvement in the digital, technological and energy transformation of the marine and sustainable mobility sectors.